An early intervention treatment is an early prevention, non-extraction, non-surgical method of natural jaws growth guidance.

As a result of this treatment there are:

  • well aligned teeth, possibly without braces.
  • Well-developed jaws, which allows to fit all the teeth and avoid unnecessary
  • extractions and maybe later surgery (see below case study).
  • Supported lips giving more youthful look.
  • Reduction in the incidence of jaw (TMJ) problems in later life.
  • Open airways which give proper Breathing ability, stop grinding during the night, help children with behavioural problems and prevents sleep apnoea
  • (OSA) to develop in later years.
  • Good looking faces, which give children great self-esteem and confidence for life.
  • Beauty is consider a sign of health.


There are many options to treat crooked teeth.

This is your choice on which path you will take your child.

Please, check below how different looking faces these 2 identical twins have, depended on different treatment options.

Braces with extraction | Braces no extraction


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