Children's Services

A visit with Braceless Choice will enable us to evaluate your child’s teeth and jaw development.

If necessary we can provide different treatments to help the jaw develop evenly which corrects any problems sometimes caused by finger or thumb sucking.

This can ensure that there will be sufficient room for your child’s teeth and those still to erupt to have room which reduces the need for extractions in later life.

You might see crooked teeth, but with our expertise we can see the cause and remedy it with early interceptive treatments.


Problems to watch for in growing children from grinding, clenching teeth, mouth breathing, thumb sucking, speech problems, snoring and more.


We focus on identifying a cause and offering solutions. We offer early intervention dental treatments, myofunctional therapy and more.


By treating faces rather than just teeth at an early age, we can avoid complications of braces and extractions in later years.

Grinding & Clenching

Problems to watch for and address early before they become bigger

Mouth Breathing

Buteyko Therapy helps to establish nasal breathing and close the mouth

Crooked Teeth

Myotherapy corrects oral habits associated with crooked teeth retraining the muscles

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Disordered Breathing which results in Obstructive Sleep Apnea.


A healthy child should not snore and can be a clear sign that the airway is partially obstructed. 

Thumb Sucking

An early intervention treatment will result in well aligned teeth.