At Braceless choice, we strongly believe in giving back to the community and the less fortunate. We’ve chosen a number of charities to support over the years.

World Vision provides relief in emergency situations and works on long-term community development projects. Together, these address the causes of poverty and help people move towards self-sufficiency.
Braceless Choice have sponsored 2 kids for the past 9 years and 2 new kids for last 5 years.

Braceless Choice have sponsored dozens of dogs over the last 13 years, always 2 at the time for 18 month periods. When they graduate and they work with people who are blind or have low vision.
Animal Aid
Caring for animals and encouraging people to be more active with their pets are the main drivers behind every Animal Aid program. The organisation is dedicated to the care of all lost, unwanted and abused animals, and is bound by the Code of Practice for Animal Shelters.