OUR MISSION – is to help unlock your child’s full growth potential.

As any caring, loving parent wants to give their child the best start in life we want to help all children achieve their full growth potential in order to develop a big beautiful smile, well-balanced face, great body posture, proper breathing, self-esteem and confidence in life.

Our goal is to avoid the unnecessary extractions of permanent teeth, avoid surgery if possible and correct oral muscle function. In doing so, protect the facial profile and airways.

The best results are achieved when small problems are managed before they become bigger issues. Hence our early interceptive dental treatment can start as early as the child is ready for it.

We treat our little patients as if they were our own children, only applying treatment methods which we would use for our own kids.

Our Dentist

MariolaMy name is Dr Mariola Prokop. I am a dentist with 25 years of experience. I have studied and worked in Europe and Australia. I have been exposed to philosophy of Early Intervention Orthodontics (working with muscle exercises and plates) since my undergraduate study back in Europe and I remember how effective this type of treatment could be for young children/kids.

Therefore I became very frustrated when I was working as a general dentist, I saw a need and opportunity for treatment in young kids to prevent further development of malocclusion/”bad bite” when they are young, but nowhere to refer to.

I always was upset when I received referral for extractions of completely good teeth before placement of braces in teenagers.

I have always liked working with children. Over the last 5 years I have been working exclusively with and studying new trends in early interceptive dental treatment.

With Dr John Mew

With Dr John Mew

I have attended many course on Early Orthodontics organized by world leaders in this topic such as Dr John Mew, founder of Orthotropic philosophy (thinking beyond the teeth), Dr William Clark twinblock inventor, Dr Skip Truitt big propagator of treating faces not just teeth, Prof G.Ramirez-Yanez on prevention and interception in primary dentition, Dr Dave Singh how Epigenetics affects our faces and whole body, Dr John Flutter who opened  my eyes on importance of nasal breathing especially in young children and many other shorter courses.

With Dr Derek Mahony

With Dr Derek Mahony

In 2013 I graduated from 2 Year Orthodontic Mini Residency Program run by the leading Australian Orthodontist Dr Derek Mahony. This year still continue orthodontic education with Dr Mahony.

With Sandra Coulson

With Sandra Coulson

I have finished Sandra Coulson (Coulson Institute of Orofacial Myology Orofacial) Orofacial Myology course exploring the best myofunctional treatment options for my little patients.

I am constantly learning and looking for better ways to improve young lives.

I am proud to offer the choice between traditional Orthodontics and new options such as Functional Jaw Orthopedics (“No Braces Orthodontics”) and Orthotropics.

I am very passionate about teaching and giving children the best start in life possible, physically, emotionally and socially.

My experience tells me that early intervention in small problems prevents bigger issue to develop. This is the best way of helping children achieve their full growth potential which manifests in big smiles, good looking faces and proper breathing. Research showed that good looking kids are more popular among their peers. Therefore to help children develop well-balanced faces give them confidence and great self-esteem for life.

Beauty is a sign of health.  Good looking people are consider to be healthier, more attractive and having more friends.

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