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We believe that every Child has a potential to grow straight teeth. Crooked teeth are just a symptom, not the cause of the problem. We like to offer our patients and their parents a choice to start early and have braceless option to treat crooked teeth and unlock your child’s full growth potential. Our aim is to help your child to develop a big beautiful smile, well-balanced face, proper breathing, self-esteem and confidence in life. We treat our little patients as if they were our own children.

We focus on identifying the cause of your child’s problem and then address it with the most appropriate treatment. We offer early intervention orthopaedic/orthodontic treatment, myofunctional therapy to treat oral disfunctions, re-training breathing pattern, and removable appliances depending on the problem and severity of each case. We treat children between 4 -12 years of age.

By treating faces rather than just teeth at an early age, while they still have years of growth ahead of them, we can avoid complications of braces and extractions in their later years.

Together we can give your child a great start in life.

If you see following conditions in your child – give us a call, we can help with:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Mouth breathing
  • Grinding
  • Finger sucking
  • Sleep problems/snoring
  • Being tired in the morning
  • Speech problems

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